Columbia, S.C.: Me and my handy koozie tailgaiting at the Carolina/Georgia game. Go Cocks! Beat Georgia.

Columbia, S.C.: Me and my handy koozie tailgaiting at the Carolina/Georgia game. Go Cocks! Beat Georgia.

To all of my interested readers:

Beverage coolers have been around as long as I can remember; however, I never fully appreciated the greatness of the beverage cooler until I embarked upon my collegiate years. This product can cool my can while it allows my hand to stay warm; it’s like magic. As I became an avid user of this product, I realized that it goes by many different names. I think certain names┬átend to indicate┬áregionalisms. Some of the names I’ve encountered are beverage cooler, can cooler, huggie, cozy, coozie, and koozie. All of these names seem to be interchangeable; however, I prefer the term koozie.

It is extremely unusual to catch me sans koozie. Whether I have a big clunky bag or a clutch, I always have a koozie tucked inside. Not only do I bring these delightful refrigerating devices around to local establishments, but also I travel with them. Yes, I said travel. In recent years, I’ve had a koozie with me on my adventures to cities in Alabama, Connecticut, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Utah. Throughout these trips I’ve heard numerous comments regarding the attendance of my own koozies. Some laugh, some praise, and some just shake their heads. It never fails; by the end of the night, the people that were full of commentary at the beginning of the night are yearning to have a koozie on their beverage.

koozie-yesIt’s obvious that I have a passion for koozies and the use of koozies. The purpose of my research on this site is to uncover historical and scientific information about this product that I use so frequently. The site will present the origin, inventor, and signficant dates of beverage coolers. It will present research about the materials used to make koozies. In addition, the site will present scientific reserach regarding the effectiveness of the different materials in cooling beverages. I will conduct my research using Internet databases.

I expect to find out which material will most effectively cool my beverages. This information will be valuable for the cooling of drinks and the purchasing of beverage coolers. The information about the effectiveness will also be helpful when weighing the odds of pricing out large custom koozie orders. I hope that my hard work and research leaves me just as passionate about koozies as I am now.

If there is any additional information that you would like for me to add to this site, please leave a comment and let me know. Also if you have any information that would enhance my site, please leave a comment or a link to the information.

Thanks and enjoy,